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02 March 2008 @ 10:52 pm
LUCKY NAME : 'aerayneserenazurin' & 'yue-chan'  
thanks so much to niza 4 accompanying me to GACC event at Multimedia University Malacca although we had faced some difficulties there (MAJOR DIFFICULTIES THAT IS) which i will update later after i transfered all the pics taken into my laptop...anyway, for the 1st time in my life, i never felt this lucky!!! *cried out loud!*

yeah, the time finally has come...! we were heading there about 2.30PM (shoot! 30 mins delayed due to the difficulties mentioned above)...as we entered the exam hall after throwing curses to MMU, i saw this young guy were giving his speeches & answered some of the questions given by the MCs...i felt like my jaw has dropped, feeling awed seeing such public figure live; the moment i had set my eyes on him...yes, MASAKAZU MORITA-san is in front of my own eyes, on the stage, smiling kindly+friendly while delivering his talks, couple of times he mentioned that malaysia is very humid...atarimai desu morita-san, we can't deny that n that's why i would like to fly to japan with u *evil laughs*...he looked very kakkoi that time with his short hair!!! *squee dumbly* with niza's help (thanks for her 16+ cm height), she recorded MORITA-san with my newly-brought-video camera. ZOOM IN TIME!! *yeah, we were quite far behind from the stage*

for the next session, the MCs were calling out selected audiences to ask question directly to MORITA-san...i was closing the v-cam after take turns with niza when they were calling out 1st n 2nd lucky audiences but suddenly i heard they were calling "yue-chan" for the 3rd selected fan...i thought i was very familiar with the name but couldn't recap much...we were just waiting n see who's the person but nobody had showed up until MORITA-san said, "yue-chan, inai no??"...my heart had spoken to me 'DOKI DOKI'ly that name no doubt is my email name for yuekitochan@yahoo.com but my mind still saying NO! hesitating before they were calling out for 4th one...the name was a bit difficult for them to pronounce even for the MCs but i was expecting it must be a ridiculously long n nonsense just like my "aerayneserenazurin" for my rin11_pccg83@yahoo.com email...say whaddya know!? BULLS EYE! i hit the jackpot!!

they had trouble to find me coz i'm short yet standing quite far...i pushed myself rising my hands up, waving while yelling: "kocchi desu! kocchi desu!" n thus, hurried to the stage..my heart couldn't stop thumping n pumping quickly almost made me fainted (- -llll i couldn't believe this!! my question in email was selected & got the chance to throw question directly to MORITA-san! shiawaseeee~h! the MC hand me over a printed sheet of questions they selected b4...to my surprise, the name "yue-chan" indeed was mine coz i recognized the question printed as: "What kind of anime characteristics/features that you like the most to do the seiyuu stuff?" SHHHHHHHHH*****T!!!! i claimed to the MC that 'yue-chan' was me & asked him should i pick one or asked both questions to morita-san but the MC said just ask 1 only *cheh! ore no oubaka! if i knew it earlier i would've ask niza to go as yue-chan!! gomen yo niza!!* so i decided to pick aerayneserenazurin's question which was : "What are the most difficult challenges for Morita-san when carrying your duty as a successful anime seiyuu?"...got the chance to shake hands with MORITA-san, introducing myself, speaking directly to him face-to-face were making me damn nervous & freaking out even i couldn't hold the mic properly...HE'S EVEN MORE KAKKOI WHEN LOOKING HIM UP CLOSE!...my hands were shaking like hell (- -''' well then, Morita-san calmly replied my question to the public...during the explanations he sometimes made some of the anime characters' voice to show us how muzukashii (hard) it was to do different notes of sound of different anime characters' voice, especially the high note...he even shouted n made ichigo's voice for demonstration to his fans down stage (^_______^)v i was standing very near to him...huuhuuu!

however, the screwing feelings faded off little by little until the end when he finished his talking & hand me over some sort of postcard with ichigo & shirou-chan pic, autographed by him plus with ICHIGO's voice saying "ore wa omae wo shinjiru!" (morita-san's voice laa definitely) - "gekijouban bleach : the diamond dust rebellion edition!" *yatta!! super hyper bursting happy!* but too bad the marker he used 4 the autograph was not a good one that makes his signature is fading *cries* better keep it forever in the plastic to avoid the ink from disappear...then climb down from the stage n went back to find niza...oh niza!!! mmmuah mmuah! thanks 4 recording the valuable moments 4 me even though it's a short one! i was too nervous that forgot to teach u how to handle the v-cam...baka da na, ore wa...(stupid me!)...in the end, the MC requested morita-san to shout BANKAI for us b4 pursuing 4 autograph session! double SSHHHHH***TT! i missed that one coz only the fans with the seiyuu tickets are allowed to have him autographed on their own belongings...hell yeah, the tickets r already sold out.....*down* without waiting any further, me n niza hurried to the exit after get some last shots of Morita-san n we were heading to sushi king to release our frustration!

#waiting for the GACC next year's special guest announcement! better it be okiayu or any other famous seiyuus.....mangakas also preferred!
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