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19 March 2009 @ 01:28 am
sighing a lot is really bad...though i knew about it but still i can't stop the habit whenever i feel so depressed n tired with my chaotic life

i couldn't enjoy my 1 week break peacefully even for one whole day...just when i returned home last Saturday, my aunt called me for being as her helper & day caretaker of my sick old bachelor uncle who has a very sick heart =___=' i've been used by them till their fullest content as their driver AKA chauffeur without considering my feelings, tiredness & been burdened with tonnes of assignments from my baka lecturers!! the reason - it's my turn to serve them since i moved to Penang...duh! what about other nephews n nieces?? not to mention their own siblings!? i heard with my own ears some of them have more free & relaxing time than me n even have plans to travel in Indonesia for holiday?? *chikusho!!* n all of my assignments have been delayed purposely bcos of this??? *mad* this is so unfair...*ROFCOL*

yesterday noon when i was waiting for my uncle's doctor call to have his heart scanned, i received a call from my mama that my father had been admitted due to acute gastric...this whole incidents made me @__@' i bet my blood pressure has risen drastically...i was so tensed of thinking too much...aduyaaai~ n thus, migraine has attacked me

oh how i wish for a long break & enjoy traveling in Japan now with my friends...i've started my big money saving project for my dream of having long vacation in Japan...onsen~ i need their refreshing onsen~! and also Japan's otaku stuffs, events & merchandise!! o>__<o nyuuuuu~
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정래라 ♥ 박진지 // ☂ i am a prince ☂polka_prince on April 3rd, 2009 12:49 pm (UTC)
One-chan!!!!!!! Ganbatte ne..
I'm trying my harest to save up too (and lose some damn weights)
Isshoni Nihon e ikimashoo?

Whatever it is, please do take care of yourslef naa!!!
I'm as busy as hell too, with final projects and all crap xD

azurinsamaazurinsama on June 15th, 2009 08:13 am (UTC)
mocchiron desu...ore-sama mou ganbaru dattebayo XD

haih...if only I have loads of moneh like Atobe XP damn~