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12 February 2011 @ 03:02 am
2011 and 02/12 just another boring birthday and hell  
Yeah New Year, new resolution, new challenges, new school term, new curriculum, new subjects, new tight schedule, new tasks, everything wanted to be new =__=' and here I got sick easily approx 5 days of fever and coughing continuously within this week thanks to the higher ups who put high expectations (and burdens) on us the teachers..I don't give a damn on that as long as I'll just do the very best I can but what i hate the most is there are fucking back-stabbers at school who are being nosy with other people's life. I found out the person whom I've put my trust and being closest with is one of those and she was the one who reported to that old man about me! What a let down. Being stabbed that way really leaves a very deep pain (and most probably hatred and grudge but I'm not Sasuke) inside my shattered heart.

All staffs at school are cannot be trusted anymore including the principal himself since he's being judging unfairly and practicing favoritism. What's with them being so unsatisfying with a newcomer teacher who has a bachelor degree?? That degree of mine was just a scroll of writings saying I've completed my Biology Science course study in the University okay, not the Education course as you are comparing and I've joined KPLI course for a diploma education as a license to teach in school so it's normal my 1st year of teaching is not as great as you veterans who have been teaching in years You dumped me fresh green graduated teacher into afternoon teaching session with Standard One which has new challenging curriculum standard implementing and which should be handled by experienced teachers as the Gov Circular mentioned, good job old man! And also you dumped me with lots of other tasks including being one of the PTA's members, well I just accepted them all with open arms and heart thinking that I might get lots of experiences from them. And back then you called me up for a briefing session complaining on me being neglectful of my lesson plans though you have watched me with your own eyes and your fucking 24-7 switched on CCTVs rushing here and there for the sake of your school reputation?? I'll give you a good damn reason which you may take it as my excuses why I couldn't complete my proper lesson plans:

I've been focusing on training the students according to that stupid program LINUS wanted, with so many remedial exercises to be done, screening tests, so much data analysis needed, being collected and updated, filing this and that bla...bla...and that program also requires me to write lesson plans with different format which makes me have to write 2 different lesson plans everyday, 1 for the LINUS program and 1 the normal curriculum. It's not the problem of whether I could not write into the book or could not type and file them but just how can I find proper time to write these craps while I'm battling to eradicate illiterate students for you o Sir Principal since you could not accept the result of the diagnostic test that many students were illiterate!!? And I've set that as my priority mission - to help students from being left behind, not doing some typing or writing or analyses craps, though I never failed to follow the yearly scheme work and syllabus. Well, if I can perform Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu like Naruto, all these WORKLOADS could be done no problem at all (as if laa) Thanks for giving me low credit on that, it's ok, a bad start for me at first and I'll just continue to brush up my skills and do whatever I can and supposed to do then

homigawsh..my longest rants ever...

To whoever follows me on DA, I'll be doing some arts whenever I'm freed from these "shackles", whether on weekends or during school/festive breaks XD Please looking forward~ Good day and take care all!
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letsmeet4awhile.blogspot.com on April 8th, 2011 06:43 pm (UTC)
you're a teacher-loving-anime ..wow o.o ..kinda look childish. lol
azurinsamaazurinsama on April 22nd, 2011 05:45 pm (UTC)
Re: wow
^^; errrk...is there's something wrong with that?? =3=