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azurinsama's Journal

12 February 1983
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*cough*cough* I'm just an ordinary 25 years old Malay+Muslim woman with extraordinary interests (you will know when u read the list of my interests)...currently attached with a biotechnology company for 3 months internship..living with my family in a town called KL, Malaysia - yeah, the hottest & highest humidity place in the world plus the traffic jam is the worst in nation (-_-;;; ha.ha.ha...but now i'm renting a house with one of my best buddies: nyxe_hxt! i'm the eldest & the only daughter from 3 siblings...wearing specs, people might think i'm a nerd & a bookworm when we meet face-to-face (sorry but i'm NOT, i only be one hell~a bookworm when i read japanese mangas *especially yaoi*, that's 4 sure!), freaking crazy & obsess with wonderful bishounens ever created in mangas/animes especially those who have yaoi potentials *evil laugh*...1.58 m tall (still not reaching 5ft 4inch huh), and my weight is super-duper heavy = 97kg!! that makes me an obese & this year 2008, i'm struggling to lose major of my good-for-nothing fatties! yosh! ganbatte!! *tying japanese-style head band* wish me luck OK! and nice to know & meet u all (^-^)v