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27 February 2008 @ 08:44 pm
Slumpy Wednesday  
*sigh* I couldn't understand why until now I feel like my heart is broken into pieces+has been stabbed by 1000s needles when I learned that 'he' already engaged with someone else although we're both already ended our relationship....Is it because that I am jealous? or Am I still loving him??? But why do I have to endure this suffering feelings alone??? pergh! He surely has changed a lot; drastically despite all the promises he had vowed b4 me longtime ago...oh well, I hope that he is happy with his own choice of future wife & let them have a blessing marital life....while I'll keep on filling my life with blissful yaoi stories of tezufuji & others, ne?

I'm really grateful to have such wonderful friends: of course zanzchi, niza, max n the yaoi fans in helping me to remain cheerful...arigatou minna! I'll be working hard to forget him & get him lost from my life forever.....*evil laughs*

owh...for today's work...it was really SUX! since I am in a state of mother plant insufficiencies, I was doing the washing & cleaning of the fungus-contaminated specimens in their respective jam bottles...uwaaargh! the smell of the fungi is so horrible that can make u feel nauseous instantly *even though I have protected my nose with a face mask* My fingers also almost burnt due the hot temperature of the bottles after done the 'autoclaving' (sterilization machine)...well, it is necessary to set the machine at a very high temperature in order to kill the fungus since the thing is so damn stubborn & hard to eradicate...believe me, I'm experiencing this everyday...they like to ruin my plant clone specimens & I really pissed off facing the same defaults each & every time....KUSO!

(-)counting days, hours, minutes & seconds for upcoming our dear PoT tensai's birthday: FUJI SYUUSUKE!! and MMU's GACC festival 2008
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