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09 November 2008 @ 10:59 pm
PARANOID!! so damn shitty =___='  
#1 - have been sick for almost 2 months thanks to asthmatic & coughs & cold...luckily my voice is recovering & getting better...or else, i'll become mute =___=' yada ne~

#2 - next Saturday i'll have japanese language xm...though it's only beginner level-1, i dunno how in d world i became so nervous...probably coz they have oral test...i have no problem with the writing but speaking...*sweats* aargh! comes what may, i just have to face it! XP

#3 - got lots of drawing tasks especially for polka.price~chan (luckily has finished it) & my yaoi doujin projects *fainted*

#4 - i'm hardly to enjoy much onlining these days...my laptop & internet r going crazy on me >.< since i've became a heavy leecher (yeah, tonnes of new animes r out recently) my internet connection & speed have been haywire...very difficult to open webpages, forums & i miss my chat with my YM friends!!! =___='

#5 - very intend to turn into bitchy mode<<<towards some people whom i hold my furious grudge to =___=' bad me, but those bad asses are even worse...yeah i know it's not my place to judge but heck! they turned my life into such hell, i'm gonna make them suffer!! especially to a bitch named AIN, an UITM student aged around 19-21, whose family is living @ Serdang Jaya n gonna have her engagement this 22nd Nov 2008, haven't finish her study but this fucka is so fucking bitch hastily wanna get married on Jan 2009...i bet she had made a filthy fornication with her stinky BF n got pregnant n so a shotgun marriage b4 anyone discovers it??? go to hell already with ur mothafucka bitchy mom & siblings~ <<<a major hatred towards these fuckasses especially that bitch's mom, bitchest among the bitcherzzz
Spring Emotion: stressedstressed
Song of the Soul: bleach's ED. hitohira no hanabira full version