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09 December 2008 @ 10:44 pm
Hello again!! *waves madly* no update for almost 1 month..! tsk tsk tsk...bad me...Ah! excuse for being such a retard TT___TT gonna push all the blames to my internet for behaving crazily for all this time...Yo Telekom Malaysia! wotcha gonna do about it? ur so called greatest broadband Streamyx is not reliable anymore daa :P but exceptions in downloading torrent files & other downloads though it was a bit slower now *pouts*

What was I doing all this while~?

### studied my beginner-1 Japanese language XM n been so nervous for d oral test but ('alhamdulillah' my praise to Allah) i did d best i could though i've aimed for 100% mark..so now already got 1 piece of certificate of successfully pass d 1st level...now i'm studying for 2nd stage beginner before pursue to intermediate *shivers*

### a week after Japanese XM, i went holiday for 3 days with my family, my cousin's and a sick aunt who needs her relaxing days from the hectic things happened @ her home

### a week after, had to sit a gov body (SMIDEC) test for d post i've applied from them =___=' i had been study like hell that almost coz blowup to my brain with limited time given (2 days only!) all about economy, politics n current issues of national n global but d questions (essay writings) asked were very unexpected! *fainted*

1st question was asking me to state my opinion (agree/disagree) about the situation whereby in nearest future internet will terminating d face-to-face contact between customers n servants

2nd question - childhood is the happiest time of a person's life, give ur opinion with specific examples n reasons... O__o' wth? does this has anything to do with economical officer post which i'm desperately applied n hoping for it?

d rest as usual: personality test *this 1 was very psychotic*

### been emo n tensed up, asked a friend to stay over @ my house n doing some enjoyable things ((psst! - especially related with BL/yaoi!! :mwahaha:)) also introduced & encouraged her to correspondent with my Japanese friend Ms. Suzuki Yuuko (initially she is my cousin's friend) who lives nearby with Crayon Shinchan's mangaka O.o well that's interesting n the best part is she's also an otaku especially shounen manganimes (her fave is GINTAMA! that's why i insisted to let my friend befriending with her) XD XDD if u guys can guess who was d "friend" whom i'm talked about, u're really TENSAI!-genius!-

### manganime downloads (latest: found a torrent link to download RE movie Degeneration!! LEON!! *yipee!*) n finishing up the Gazette fanart which i promised to a friend who is still waiting ^^ ehee...gomen ne polka.prince

### replying penpals' letter: Suzuki & Kabuto which had been pending for so long =___= *gulp...gomen!*

### replaying my PS2 games Castlevania - Lament of Innocence coz i wanna try to recap its ending since I got stuck n no idea to proceed in the other Castlevania game - Curse of Darkness T___T poor Hector the hero! i'm playing those games while waiting for the rare n unusual game "Shin Megami Tensei Lucifer's Call" (Nocturne in English version) which i wanna borrow from my BL partner-in-crime : onegaishimasu Hachidaime yo! >.<'

### playing yaoi rp to improvise my English writing with my sweet beloved senpai GuardianHeart ^^ seems so wrong eh? *picky nose* LOLs lalalaa~ who cares as long as i'm enjoying it *dancing* personally i think it's very normal for a normal n healthy woman like me to enjoy anything pertaining BL with other fangirls (especially) >___< but it scares me a bit if with fanboys *shivers again*

### sentimentally reminding of my 1st ex when i read Chizuru lyric (English meaning):

Your letter contains nothing but illegible signs
Therefore I want to meet you to hear the words from you
I won‘t accept the white, only a sigh echoes

If I understand the colors of the sky I‘ll get saved
I also want to forget the unsteady breathing someday
But despite the wish for strength I‘m searing

「the morning I‘m averting」 when you‘re singing that song thorns accompany my sleep
Restraint entwines around my body
Even the mind seems to sleep
Your cheek touched the fever, longing and smooth
When looking into the shadows of the blurry gap (I see) the warm colors of a dream

My eyes reflect your image
Even though the day when loosing sight of you will come
You‘ll always stay right in front of my eyes
At days when the sunlight shines through the treetops
I won‘t be at your side anymore

The blurry white trembles
And I also forget your words
Whereto are tears flowing?
You‘re calling my name
Even though I‘m about to break you‘re holding me tightly in your arms
I‘m afraid to go

Where are you singing your song for me?
My ears can‘t hear it anymore but it‘s the echo of an unsteady heartbeat
Even the mind seems to sleep
It‘s the remaining fever which doesn‘t allow me to remember
When looking into the blurry gap (I see) the cold colors of reality

Thousand tiny wings* (paper cranes)
Because of your wish they won‘t leave me alone
Without returning your smile
I count the memories with my sigh until the very last moment (appears)...

I hear your voice
in the dawn when everything will be nothing
「The one thing we can‘t be together」

...that dude really had guts to cheat on me with some other useless bitches..all of my kindness, love, loyalty n care towards him were like nothing but trashes..i was so dumb waiting for him to return b4 though i had asked; requested for the break off 1st *gloomy* oh well..that has been my long history *sweep the bad memories aside*

eeep!!? *yelp* i've already type this long!? gotta stop now n going into slumber XD XDD *dreaming of manganime bishounens*
Spring Emotion: dorkydorky
Song of the Soul: Chizuru -Gazette- (again!)
sanzo_houshi88: misaki - nani!?sanzo_houshi88 on December 10th, 2008 02:18 pm (UTC)
100% marks for nihongo test w0000t~!! That's sugoii! Omedetou gozaimasu! LOLZ i didn't know you drool on Leon too! XD But i haven't watched RE degeneraion movie though.

Good luck for your job appilication! Just pray hard ^^