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25 February 2008 @ 01:54 am
2nd of March 2008...this is the day when i will try my best to get at least a photo & autograph of Masakazu Morita (japanese popular seiyuu) who will be coming to MALAYSIA! to Multimedia University in Malacca for the "Game Anime Comic Circle" festival organized by MMU (multimedia university that is) at 2pm - 4pm...*glomps* but i can imagine the place surely will be crowded like hell & damn hot coz of bunch of peoples (otakus) coming & gathering until it will packed like a can of sardines....huh! i'm planning to go there with my 2 J-rock fanatic friends, Niza & Max...but i also hoping that zanzchi could join us too (- -lll ne zanzchi? r u working on that day? can't take couples of day-off 4 some vacations with us? (T_T)

before that, need to settle my things down 1st:
1-send my car for its 1st service (already reached over 1,000 KM of journey!!)
2-have my cloning herbal plant projects complete 4 this week explant supply *sigh* (lots of tough work there)
3-refreshing my idea, mind & soul for continuing my Prince of Tennis: TezuFuji script & doujinshi project (zanzchi! please forgive me!!! hontou ni gomen nasai!!)
4-etc.etc..(can't think of any coz already damn sleepy...owh! 2.05am already...no wonder laa)

well LJ, that's it 4 now...need to go for snoring...oyasumi nasai~

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20 February 2008 @ 12:32 pm
kurushii! (suffers) i'm suffering my old injury on my left knee again...! this is due to d accident happened 2 days ago when i was walking pass d laboratory where i'm doing my biotech practical & I SLIPPED! (T_T) i hit my knee quite hard on the floor n well, it's swollen today (- -lll stupid me, i should b extra careful whenever i walked after that 'makcik' cleaner had done the mopping..BAKA! BAKA! now i'm having problem to drive my car since it's already this painful...haaih~

feel like 2 b grumpy once in a while ~nyuuuuuu
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02 February 2008 @ 09:47 am
alright...hopefully it is successfully posted since it took me ages to manage this thing
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